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Light Dome is a Division of Industrial Rubber Ltd and is an independent company based in the South of England with a purpose built modern facility covering 32,000 sq ft and has been operating in this market since 1973.

The Company operates in two distinct market sectors.

1. A leading independent UK component manufacturer of Rubber Mouldings, specialising in Custom Moulding using injection, compression and transfer compression.

2. A market leader in the Road Marking industry, manufacturing and marketing its Light Dome Road Products and ancillaries. The Light Dome road studs are depressible rubber inserts with retro-reflective lenses mounted in either the original elongated or the newer round cast iron bases. 


Able to produce items from 1 gram to 4 kilos in weight from any rubber polymer, using any one of our comprehensive range of presses, many of which are injection presses (REP, Rutil, MIR).

The Company operates in an environment where quality of product, competitiveness and service levels are all-important.

In addition, recent developments include partnerships with Chinese companies to substainially reduce costs as well as maintain high quality standards and deliveries.

It is ISO 9001-2015 approved and offers FMEA and SPC facilities.

Industrial Rubber Ltd has built its reputation around flexibility, technical ability and customer service levels. What do each of these mean?


The company can best be described as operating in a very large jobbing environment rather than a component manufacturer in limited market sections. However, a certain amount of our business is geared towards the high-volume automotive and white goods markets and where Just-In-Time is a cornerstone of those industries.

Flexibility in market sectors provides the Company with a great deal of resilience to the highs and lows of any one market, allowing customers to benefit from the broad range of technical solutions.

Technical Capability

We look to enter a supply partnership with our customers geared towards providing design (product and tooling), along with material compound specifications and other considerations such as cost-down objectives. There is a team of technicians specifically briefed with these objectives in mind.

Customer Service Levels

We understand the importance of levels of response in all aspects. Late deliveries can result in, at worse, to down-stream production disruption at a customer plant, and at best, to excessive inventory levels. Either way, we would not retain our broad customer base very long if we were not committed to a high level of delivery and service.

We have worked hard at reducing lead times in the knowledge that this reduces inventory levels. We have a dedicated Customer Support Team and every customer is given a specific contact person. That person is responsible for the interests of the customer within Industrial Rubber Ltd.

Light Dome Road Products (A division of Industrial Rubber Ltd)
4 Fielder Drive   Newgate lane Industrial Estate   FAREHAM
Hampshire  PO14 1JE
Tel: +44(0)1329-284780  Fax: +44(0)1329-829485

Manufacturers of the depressible Road Stud
In partnership with our Sister Companies in China to achieve Low Cost Manufacturing Abroad


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Light Dome Road Products
4 Fielder Drive,
Newgate Lane Industrial Estate,
Hampshire PO14 1JE

Tel: +44 (0) 1329-284780

Fax: +44 (0) 1329-829485



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