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Chamferred White Insert Mk 100A

Designed to fit our round metal base LD2010, it is approved with the original Long Metal Base LD0005.  Fully tested and accredited to BS EN1463 Pt 1 & Pt 2 together with R1 & S1 Classification.

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Standard White Insert Mk 8A

Light Dome achieved classes S1 & R1 in the BS EN1463 trials and is approved for use on all roads in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and many other countries.

Light Dome Road Studs are available ex-stock. A full support service is provided, including Road Stud installation instructions, Road Stud height gauges and advice


Recognising that white rubber Road Studs would not provide the ultimate in wear and abrasion resistance (by virtue of the Road Stud being white it cannot contain the ultimate reinforcing filler - carbon black), Light Dome have developed a black rubber similar to that used in the manufacture of car tyres.... for use in the manufacture of black depressible Road Studs. The material is particularly suitable for today's demanding road conditions and we particularly recommend its use on motorways. Please ask for further details.


Both types are date stamped at time of manufacture.
LD both 3

Manufacturers of the depressible Road Stud
In partnership with our Sister Companies in China to achieve Low Cost Manufacturing Abroad

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EC Declaration of Conformity

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UKCA Declaration of Conformity

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LD both  Original and chamferred Inserts


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